BktGlitch is a glitch shader for GameMaker: Studio with a variety of unique layered effects that will break your game in a good way.

Originally released in August 2017 on the GameMaker: Marketplace, now free.
If you like this asset and can pay for it, please consider doing so.

Please give credit if used (but you don't have to if you paid for it, also it'd be cool if you let me know about your project, just curious).



  • Effects such as tearing, noise, colour dispersion, glitch blocks, RGB splitting...
  • Written in GLSL ES - not limited to desktop platforms
  • Easy-to-use setup scripts and presets, no need to set up uniforms manually!
  • A demo where you can adjust all effects manually and even generate the resulting configuration code!
  • Available for both versions of GM:S.

Made by Blokatt (Jan Vorisek) in August 2017.


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Hello! I would like to use BktGlitch, but I have a severe problem!

BktGlitch is all screwed up, when I open the project itself and modify it to be a game, the sprites are all jumbled, and when I try to import it in a non-BktGlitch project, It will become all red and I can't make anything out.

And yes I do have DirectX installed.

Hello! I really like this and I'm very interested in potentially implementing it in a future project. I am completely new to GMS2; last time I used any version of Game Maker was before GMS existed and I didn't know anything back then, either.

What I'm wondering is if it's possible to use this on select portions of the screen instead of the whole screen (or alternatively, if it's possible to apply this shader to a single background layer and build overtop of it with tiles unaffected by the glitching); what I want to do with this is something kinda similar (aesthetically) to the glitch rooms in Axiom Verge where parts of the screen appear to be corrupted. I may have use of this either way; it's awesome looking and may inspire me to do other things with it, but I'd just like to find out if this is even possible before I go ahead and get in over my head.


The shader can be used on anything rendered by the GPU. In this case, the usual approach would be to render everything you'd like to have the effect applied to into a new surface, which you would then draw with the shader active. 

Thanks very much!

maybe a dumb question but, I can use it in my own game that I'm making?

Yes, and yes. :)

ok, when I imported the project into my game, it substitutes the previous project by your, how am I supposed to do then?

Thanks for this! Would be nice if there was a complete tutorial on how to implement it for total noobs like me :p

Please read the comments provided in the code of the controller object, it's all explained in there!

Does this work on Gamemaker Studio 2?


Awesome, thanks!

Holy shit man this looks so awesome!!!

Hey man! I'm using your shader for a game of mine, the problem is, the shader is not working for android; the shader does not appear or do anything for android. What could be wrong?

If the demo doesn't work, your device is probably too old.

Didn't work with a Samsung S8...

It works fine through GM:S 1.4 on a Xiaomi MI4c, which isn't really a high-end phone.

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Looks like you're using the shader in your object draw calls instead of only when you're rendering the application surface.

Does the demo work?

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Dude, you are awesome releasing this for free. Always wanted a glitch shader like this.

This is the reason I'm going back to Gamemaker, now I can finally make what I always wanted to make. Thank you blokatt! <3

(And I will credit you, for sure)

You're welcome!

does this only work in gamer maker studio only...? 

cuz i am using godot and want to know if this works in it...

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If Godot supports GLSL ES, then sure, the fragment shader should work fine as long as you hook up all the uniform/varying variables correctly.